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This is the 2.0 BETA of the game

The Last Capsule or La Dernière Capsule is a Free FPS where you are a capsule that need to survive to waves of ennemies !

La Dernière Capsule est un FPS Gratuit dans lequel vous incarner une capsule qui doit survivre à l'attaque des ennemis !

Support my project !

You can support my Kickstarter here :

Tu peux supporter mon Kickstarter ici :

Beat my score !

Try to beat my Highest score in the Infini game mode ! It's 234 Points ! GL

Beat the Story !

The "Histoire" is the story of the game ! For now it only has 2 levels ! But it will have more soon :P

Install instructions

Unzip the JeuTir_BETA_V5 folder, open the unzipped folder, Open Jeu_Kilz and then click on JeuFps.exe

Dézippez le dossier JeuTir_BETA_V5, ouvez le dossier dézippé, ouvré le dossiers Jeu_Kilz et puis cliquez sur JeuFps.exe


JeuTir_BETA_V5.zip 55 MB

Development log


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Update, I've now add a leaderboard to the game and an ultimate (Q) that does a slow motion for 10 secs !

this version 3.0 should be up soon

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I would love to have some comments if you have tried the game :P

J'aimerais beaucoup avoir vos commentaire si vous essayez le jeu :P

If you want you can send your highest score in the "Infini" game mode :P

Mine is 196 :P GL beating it :P