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A funny online multiplayer prop hunt game ! Also called hide ans seek !

You can play it in browser ! it's 1v1 one hide and the other search !

Controls :

Move : WASD or arrow keys
Jump : Space
Shoot // Become object : Left click
m : Main Menu


Prey :
You have 22 seconds to hide ! The Hunter has a black screen !
Clic on any object when you are the prey to become the object !
Every 20 sec you whistle and every 45 sec you jump
Survive until the Hunter has 0 bullet and you WIN !

Hunter :
You have 10 bullets to kill the Prey

Kill the Prey and you WIN !

Development log


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Hey guys ! Im publishing on Steam for the first time ! The name of the game is AI Battle Royale Generator, if you are interested here is the Steam link :


Thank you ! :)

is anyone on

Hey do you still play this game?

Welp the game is dead


your lucky my brother and i play this evry day


when i chried to join it whas only me

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Yeah sorry :/ The number of players have decreased by 400%, finding a game is gonna be harder :/ But not impossible if you have time haha !

can someone join


someone join

Sorry guys, the game is now pretty much dead, averaging 30 players per day (1 month ago it was 150 and 3 months ago it was 350)

Finding a game is gonna be very hard ! Sorry guys ! Nothing I can do :/

ok me back

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Sorry since 1-2 weeks the game has a very low player count :/ Sorry man

nvm i gtg afk rn


it work wanna play


now with me



its always near the end for it to start being super slow


its simple and fun, just the type of game that lots of ppl like

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Im so happy XD I made that game during a summer break XD didn't expect it to get 50k players XDD


also keep up the good game design its a really fun game

Thank you ! :)


its the loading into the game not finding the player

anyone want to play

but it will take a long time 4 me to load lol

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Hey, is it the game loading or is it finding a player that is long?

The first time you run the game will take the longer since all the assets needs to load ! But after that, everytime you'll launch the game, it will takes less than 10 seconds !

Sometime if the loading bar is stuck, you might want to try and refresh the page

hello i will play with u

if u want i 

i have been pretty lonley so i would apreciate it


kilz want to play

Anyone want to play?


btw kilz i love this game

Thanks ! :)


i love all your games

anyone want to play

yes plz

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Sorry guys, the game has way less players than before :/ So finding a game could be hard :/

If you find it long, you can let the tab open while searching for players.

I've made that if a player is found, it says "Heyyyy you are two !" so you guys can hear it even if you are on another tab !

So don't worry ! You can let the tab open and go do other things while searching for a second player !

anyone want to play

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I'll do some games with you if you want

Deleted 121 days ago

ok yes

who wants to play


is anyone on

anyone want to play

any one want to play?

go to my stream and follow me and  chat because you be the top chater because i need you to i am sending you a link


im isaiah

is anyone on now


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