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A funny online multiplayer prop hunt game ! Also called hide ans seek !

You can play it in browser ! it's 1v1 one hide and the other search !

Controls :

Move : WASD or arrow keys
Jump : Space
Shoot // Become object : Left click
m : Main Menu


Prey :
You have 22 seconds to hide ! The Hunter has a black screen !
Clic on any object when you are the prey to become the object !
Every 20 sec you whistle and every 45 sec you jump
Survive until the Hunter has 0 bullet and you WIN !

Hunter :
You have 10 bullets to kill the Prey

Kill the Prey and you WIN !

Development log


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Awesome game I can’t get in the frinking game!!!!! 

You can't get in the game or you can't find a lobby?

The game doesn't have alot of players so you might need to grab a friend or something :/ Otherwise you might wait for a bit :/

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Wow ! Theres approximately 15 to 70 people that play the game everyday !

That is amazing ! Thank you all so much !! Means alot to me !!!

Sorry if the game isn't receiving update it's just that I have alot of others projects in school :P

woops, seems like third map is bugged, you can't kill the prey o_o

gonna fix that

done ! :P

I am aware that some of the red bouncing objects don't push you high enough in the sky to go on top of the elements, will resolve that in next patch ! (In less than 24h)
Increasing the push force by 10%

done :P

There is now 3 maps in the game :P

There is now 2 maps in the game !


Very cool game! I wish there were more maps and items. Keep developing this game!

thank you so much :P Ive a second map in developpment with 8 new items :p And will probably do 3 variant of item positions per map just to randomise everything :P

Be ready for a brand new map in approx 1 week :P this time you will be inside a saloon ! And be able to become a chair, piano, piano chair, whine, table, bar stool, a clock, and more :P


Loved your game, but the map should be randomly generated. Otherwise it becomes pretty easy to catch your opponent after a few rounds.

omg im so happy that you commented !!! Thank you so much ! Yes I know I should generate the map, but im affraid that the objects would be on top of each other sometimes, but I think im just gonna make another map :P In the desert


Desert sounds nice. I can‘t wait to play it! You could of course make different variations for the same map. That way you could avoid using randomly generated objects but still prevent players from easily memorizing a map. 

ah yeah i see :P like 3-4 variations per map and i change every object localisation ! thanks for the trick :P im so happy lol

Hey guys :P Should I put 10 bullets instead of 12 ?

Would love to have your comments on the game and on how you liked it :P

Also on how I could make it better